About Rosie

My name is Rosemary Gospel.

I work online with people around Australia who have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) of:

• Fingers
• Hands
• Arms
• Feet
• Legs
• The face
• Multiple limbs
• The whole body

I have been an occupational therapist since 2000 and have been treating CRPS since 2006. A lot of my formal training for treating CRPS has been through the Neuro-orthopaedic Institute and Dr Zulia Frost.

Hand Therapy

I hold the Accredited Hand Therapist specialisation as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association, and have over 15 years of past experience working in public and private hand therapy settings in Australia and the UK where I treated many people with CRPS.

Professional Development

I am always striving for best practice in my work. I keep a close eye on what is new and exciting in the health arena – particularly when it comes to treatments for pain! Over the years when I have found a treatment or technique that performs well for treating CRPS, I apply myself to learning how to excel at it.

To date I have attended 24 conferences on pain and hand therapy and at least 27 professionally relevant courses.

Healing my own chronic pain
For the last few years I have been in remission/healed from 2 chronic pain conditions. The first I had for just over 20 years, and another chronic health condition (with a big pain component) that I had for around 13 years. Neither was CRPS, but both had similarities, and I believe this has given me a greater awareness and a deeper understanding than I could ever have gained from books and lectures alone. Some of the treatments that were the most effective for me personally, are the therapies I now offer online.

My commitment to those with CRPS
To achieve the best outcome, you will need to take full responsibility for healing your body and turning off the signs and symptoms of CRPS. My commitment to you is that I will work hard to get you to a place where you have a good understanding of what is likely driving CRPS for you personally. From there I can help you find the right support, and a road map towards healing – much faster than you can achieve on your own.

If you are seeking professional support and therapies to heal from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, I am happy to offer you a free and confidential fifteen-minute phone consultation to answer any questions you might have.

Feel free to reach out and contact me at: info@compassionatehands.com.au

Current Memberships

International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) and member of special interest groups in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Children & Neuropathic Pain

Occupational Therapy Australia

Australasian Integrative Medicine Association

Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA)

Australian Pain Society